Daemon, Daimond, Shukra

Just some interesting thoughts about the word Diamond and related things…

We all know that the true menaing of the word Demon (Daemon) was changed in order to have an evil implication.
The real meaning of Demon was perfectly explained by HP Don here:


The word Demon is also related to the word Diamond, the gem. The diamond is the astrological gemstone of planet Venus (Shukra) in Jyotish (vedic astrology). So it’s the gem of Taurus and Libra too. One should wear diamond if she/he was born in the sign of Taurus or Libra, I mean if the Lagna (Ascendant) is Taurus or Libra according to the vedic birth chart.

We already know that the diamond is the element of the spirit. The fire of Kundalini is what transmutes the elements of the soul from the corruptible body into the immortal “Diamond body”…
It was already discussed in former important writings:

“In the Tantra the purified being is called the Akasa-varja, this is also called the diamond-thunderbolt body.
A diamond comes from a lump of coal which it is the diamond and the dross, by the fires of the serpent power the dross is purified out and the lump of matter is transformed into the immortal and incorruptible, luminous diamond, the Akasa. A diamond is forever. The thunderbolt is the symbol of Akasa and the Varja is within this as well…”

(Diamond is known as Vajra in sanskrit. Tantra is known as Vajra-yana, “the road of the diamond and of the lightning.”)


It is not a coincidence that the diamond is called the “King of the Gems” in the East.
The English word diamond is also derivated from or related to the latin word “admas” which means “invincible”.
And it’s true because the “Diamond Body” is really invincible. (Also see the word “adamant”)
Also the Greek word is αδαμαστος (adamastos).

Jung also spoke of the “daemon” or “inner voice” , “guiding spirit” we have within us. The daemon is synonymous with the gifts or genius we bring with us…

Venus in Sanskrit: Shukra which means “lucid”, “bright”. Interesting that Shukra rules the sweets too and the world “sugar” also comes from this. In original gypsy, romani language the word Sukar means “beautiful” and “bright”. The poos stole this word too, in hebrew it means “sugar”.


Other word for Shukra-ratna (the gem) is Hira/Hiraka/Hiragam which means:

the diamond itself
an other name of Lakshmi
of a woman
“hiragga”: diamond-bodied, Indra’s thunderbolt
“hiraka”: a diamond (the gem is supposed to be presided over by Shukra)

Shukra-ratna is also called as “Kuliza” which also means “thunderbolt of Indra” and the word “kulizasana” means “having a diamond seat”.
Vajras-ara : having the essence or nature of a diamond.

The word indrAyudha means “Indra’s weapon”, “the rainbow” and the diamond.

Also there are some other very interesting names for Shukra-ratna, the diamond itself:

the Urdu word is “almaas” and the Persian is also “al-mas”. The spanish word “alma” means SOUL which comes from the Latin “anima”.
By the way “alma” means “apple” in Hungarian. We already know that the apple is the symbol of the pentacle which is the Akasa.


Eva also means Apple, the serpent Eva or Ava the Devi or Devil grants eternal life and enlightenment.


The female name Desdemona (my name too ^^) derived from the Greek word δυσδαιμων (dysdaimon) which today means “ill-starred” or “ill-fated”. The original meaning is “of a Daemon” or “from a Dameon”. See the jewish corruption again…


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