The Meaning of the Peacock

The Peacock is the symbol of our God who is Skanda in the east and known as Dionysus in the west who also has the Peacock. In the east Skanda rules the highest level of conscious. The Peacock is the symbol of the spine in Hinduism with all the radiant colors of the chakras along it which are in the colors of the Peacock feather. The Peacock is also the symbol of the serpent energy flashing in the mind with the raising of the serpent into the head. This is why Skanda is symbolically shown as six faced or headed all the chakras connect into the brain. Its the symbol of the entire consciousness of the chakra’s opening up into the mind. Thus Skanda rules the highest level of consciousness in Hinduism the consciousness of the risen serpent. Murrugan/Skanda is called the God of the Kundalini and the highest Yoga in the east.

There are many tales of Murrugan the most revealing is thus:

The Asuras had imprisoned the Devas the Gods and to end the rule of the Asura s[Titans] Murrugan was created when the last Deva’s who had escaped the Asuras went to Shiva for help. Shiva and His wife Pravati were in sexual embrace and a combined drop of the male and female fluid fell towards the earth. Agni took this hot spark in his beak taking the shape of the bird and put it into the Ganga from here seven sparks formed and grew into seven infants on lotuses and were nursed by the seven maidens of the Pleiades and merged into one child who grew fully in seven days. From here Murrugan was given the Vel spear by Shiva and the army of Gana’s. Murrugan fought the killed the three Asura leaders and freed the Devas. It was the final battle he obtained the Peacock as His mount.

The drops are the white and red drops of the male and female chakras their energies that merged by the inner sexual union of the chakras. Agni is fire and the dove he took the purifying energy of fire. The seven sparks in the Ganges river are the activated seven chakra’s in the spine and brain. The seven children are the awakened and transformed seven chakras from the union of the male and female energies in them and the milk of the seven maidens the purified energy that feeds or transforms the soul. Murrugan’s conquering each of the Asuras is the serpent moving up and piercing each of the three knots. He kills them with His spear. The last Asura that Murrugan defeats is the piercing of the sixth knot hence the Peacock becomes his mount at this point. When the fully awakened consciousness of the serpent flashes in the mind and the mind opens up to its full awareness. The destruction of the Asuras by Murrugan frees the Devas the final transmutation of the chakras that occurs with the risen serpent. The chakras are symbolic of the Deva’s. The banner of Murrugan is the Cock which cries at the dawn. The symbol of the reborn soul. His spear the Vel is the symbol of the risen serpent and His wife is Vatti the five elements.


Chakra Mantras: Liberate Your Spiritual Genius Through Chanting byThomas Ashley Farrand


Why Is Shaytan/Satan The Saviour?

Why Is Shaytan/Satan The Saviour

The Yedizis call their God Shaytan however this is from the Sanskrit Shayatan which means “The Evening” the name Shiva is from the Sanskrit root word “Sin” which is the ancient name of the Moon God in the Near East and the East as well.[1] The Evening is when the Moon is out. In the Yezidi and other eastern mysticism they mention the White Pearl its the Moon Chakra the pineal gland as white is the color of the moon. Its also stated to be the moon nectar, the Amrita which means Immortal in Sanskrit. Its nectar in Hinduism that brings immortality by transforming the chakra’s and nadis. The moon center rules immortality. In Hinduism the grail cup is shown as the cup of the crescent moon full of this nectar.

The serpent in Sanskrit is also the symbol of the breath of life. The flowing of the prana thought the chakras and nadis the symbol which is given to water, the moon.

In Sanskrit the Visva are the 13 Gods that rule the universe this is the 13 chakra’s of the soul. In the Near East the original world tree was given 13 worlds shown as 13 fruits that have intertwined branches connecting them. M is the original 13th letter in Sanskrit and many other eastern languages like Phoenician that came from the east. And the letter M is given the Moon in Sanskrit kabala.[2] This is why Satan’s number is 13. The number 13 is the number of enlightenment in ancient numerology. And there are also 13 lunar months in a year. And 13 major chakras.

The evening time or night is also the color of Shakti in ancient tradition its the feminine force the serpent energy. The ancient rituals were done at night or in Temples that recreated the night with the zodiac shown on the celling. The blue color of the Gods also show the deep blue of the night sky color which is the color of the serpent energy in Hinduism. The black sun is the moon, the serpent energy. The Zodiac is also the symbol of the soul.

The moon in ancient Hinduism is the symbol of the serpent energy Shayatan, the chakras and nadis. To the ancients the serpent was the symbol of time as well. The symbol of infinity the serpent with its own tail in its mouth is the symbol of eternal life for it time does not start or end. Hence the Evening Time is the symbol of eternal life.

Satan, Shayatan, Shaytan is the ancient Sanskrit name of the serpent energy of the soul, the activated third eye and the transformed state and the grail cup of eternal life which the ancients called the incorruptible body or spiritual body:
“It is thanks to a particular technique that the body made of corruptible matter ashuddha-maya is made to correspond to incorruptible matter shuddha-maya and transubstantiation takes place…the human body becomes liberated from the requirements of the animal economy when the transfer from corruptible Maya to incorruptible Maya occurs. It is then no longer subject to death… it is transfigured into a body of glory and power called Jnana-tanu or spiritual body.”[3]

Satan, Shayatan is the world tree which is the human soul and the breath of life the symbol of the serpent the prana energy, the nectar of immorality and eternal life. Satan is the soul.

That is what Shayatan does. Saves your life and soul by the transformation into a enlightened spiritual body. The People of Abraham find this evil and want to keep you damned from this. But the People of Abraham also like to worship ritually murdered people on sticks and cannibalize their body and drink their blood as holy communion with their vampire god Yahweh.

When the foolish Christians and Islamic’s curse Satan they are literally cursing their own souls into damnation.
[1]The Myths and Gods of India, Danielou
[2]The Eastern Mysteries, Hulse
[3]V.V Ramanan Shastri, Cultural Heritage of India

Who is Satan? (Korean translation)

사탄님은 누구신가?: 역사 속 사탄님 -마게슨666 대사제님의 설교 Who is Satan? 고대 수메르인은 엔키를 인류의 창조자로 숭배했다. 그들에 따르면 엔키는 아다무[인류를 의미함]를 신들의 피를 섞어 만들었다고 한다. 엔키는 이 새로운 인류를 특별한 영적 목적을 갖고 만들었는데 그것은 인류가 상승하여 빛나는 자[고대 언어로 신은 ‘빛나는 자’를 의미한다]가 되는 것이다. 수메르인은 창조신 엔키를 사타나라고 부르기도 했다. 이것이 바로 […]

via 사탄님은 누구신가?: 역사 속 사탄님 -마게슨666 대사제님의 설교 — satanisminkorea

Daemon, Daimond, Shukra

Just some interesting thoughts about the word Diamond and related things…

We all know that the true menaing of the word Demon (Daemon) was changed in order to have an evil implication.
The real meaning of Demon was perfectly explained by HP Don here:

The word Demon is also related to the word Diamond, the gem. The diamond is the astrological gemstone of planet Venus (Shukra) in Jyotish (vedic astrology). So it’s the gem of Taurus and Libra too. One should wear diamond if she/he was born in the sign of Taurus or Libra, I mean if the Lagna (Ascendant) is Taurus or Libra according to the vedic birth chart.

We already know that the diamond is the element of the spirit. The fire of Kundalini is what transmutes the elements of the soul from the corruptible body into the immortal “Diamond body”…
It was already discussed in former important writings:

“In the Tantra the purified being is called the Akasa-varja, this is also called the diamond-thunderbolt body.
A diamond comes from a lump of coal which it is the diamond and the dross, by the fires of the serpent power the dross is purified out and the lump of matter is transformed into the immortal and incorruptible, luminous diamond, the Akasa. A diamond is forever. The thunderbolt is the symbol of Akasa and the Varja is within this as well…”

(Diamond is known as Vajra in sanskrit. Tantra is known as Vajra-yana, “the road of the diamond and of the lightning.”)

It is not a coincidence that the diamond is called the “King of the Gems” in the East.
The English word diamond is also derivated from or related to the latin word “admas” which means “invincible”.
And it’s true because the “Diamond Body” is really invincible. (Also see the word “adamant”)
Also the Greek word is αδαμαστος (adamastos).

Jung also spoke of the “daemon” or “inner voice” , “guiding spirit” we have within us. The daemon is synonymous with the gifts or genius we bring with us…

Venus in Sanskrit: Shukra which means “lucid”, “bright”. Interesting that Shukra rules the sweets too and the world “sugar” also comes from this. In original gypsy, romani language the word Sukar means “beautiful” and “bright”. The poos stole this word too, in hebrew it means “sugar”.


Other word for Shukra-ratna (the gem) is Hira/Hiraka/Hiragam which means:

the diamond itself
an other name of Lakshmi
of a woman
“hiragga”: diamond-bodied, Indra’s thunderbolt
“hiraka”: a diamond (the gem is supposed to be presided over by Shukra)

Shukra-ratna is also called as “Kuliza” which also means “thunderbolt of Indra” and the word “kulizasana” means “having a diamond seat”.
Vajras-ara : having the essence or nature of a diamond.

The word indrAyudha means “Indra’s weapon”, “the rainbow” and the diamond.

Also there are some other very interesting names for Shukra-ratna, the diamond itself:

the Urdu word is “almaas” and the Persian is also “al-mas”. The spanish word “alma” means SOUL which comes from the Latin “anima”.
By the way “alma” means “apple” in Hungarian. We already know that the apple is the symbol of the pentacle which is the Akasa.

Eva also means Apple, the serpent Eva or Ava the Devi or Devil grants eternal life and enlightenment.

The female name Desdemona (my name too ^^) derived from the Greek word δυσδαιμων (dysdaimon) which today means “ill-starred” or “ill-fated”. The original meaning is “of a Daemon” or “from a Dameon”. See the jewish corruption again…

The Truth about the Enemy “Angels” and their Agenda


The enemy is aware that the Truth is coming out about them and their nasty works, big time. So expect naturally more lies on their behalf, outright violence, and the list goes. Everyone is becoming aware of them. One of their biggest problems is that people start to understand them spiritually as well. Doesn’t matter how many or how few, the thing is, few people can see beyond their lies. This has them terrified. Expect the worst reactions and the worst lies on their behalf.

They will even lie that the sky is red, only to save themselves, because of all they have done. The old days of burning people and Shoah6Trillion™ are coming to an end. Thanks to the WWW (666) which brought the enemy into their knees by promoting knowledge, free speech and being the only instrument from which people can finally be free in their education.

So, In response to HP Don’s most recent sermon, adding some more crucial info into understanding the bigger picture behind the so called “Angels”. Part of this has been covered, but there is some new information that fills in the gaps.

Satan has revealed to me something of importance that needs to be stated. He not only reveals totally the Agenda of the jews, but he showed me what I needed to know so we can go open about it. This is beyond serious. Its a matter of life and death. I saw this long ago and then the Gods instructed I should look into other things. Be aware that telepathic communication is more of like on what one can receive. In other words, mistakes can happen, but the grand message has been transferred anyway. Now its time for these to be shared.

The enemy greys are all interconnected, not psychically or anything, but in a huge database or a mass mind, technologically, with microchips and other means. They simply have totally abolished their so called “free will” and they have been totally subjected and enslaved. This means they all exist as one brain and they possess, as many ufologists have found out, zero to no self-consciousness of their own. They experience things like a hive mind.

The enemy has the same plan, down here, right now. For this to happen, all cultural differences, racial differences and so forth, need to be totally assimilated into “one” thing first, for the world to become a “global community”. When these are broken down and there is absolutely no resistence, the enemy wants to merely take this human waste product and make it a slave. Gradually removing even the ability to procreate freely, let alone anything else. This is no different than Communism, which is another creation of theirs, and promised castles in the sky but you only had Gulags and work camps for the Gentiles, and palaces for the kikes to reign from.

Let me explain further.

So you have this jew, Ray Kurzweil, who is yet another part of this whole story. Part of what he “predicts”, is just an expression of the future the enemy reptilian hive (of which the jews are offspring and part) have in mind for Humanity. Part of this plan, except of the wishy washy fake promises (like the lying bible does) is this:

“Kurzweil claims to know that a machine will pass the Turing test by 2029, and that around 2045, “the pace of change will be so astonishingly quick that we won’t be able to keep up, unless we enhance our own intelligence by merging with the intelligent machines we are creating”. Shortly after, Kurzweil claims to know that humans will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological intelligence that becomes increasingly dominated by its non-biological component. […] So over the next few decades our human-machine civilization will become increasingly dominated by its non-biological component. In Transcendent Man Kurzweil states “We humans are going to start linking with each other and become a metaconnection we will all be connected and all be omnipresent, plugged into this global network that is connected to billions of people, and filled with data.” [3]

Obviously, transcedence does not have one thing to do with shoving a jewish microchip into your brain, based on the promises of a kike about how fun its going to be. It has to do with Spiritual enlightenment. But since the Goyim don’t know, the jews try to sell this and marketize it, or create fake realities for the Goyim to live, in order to give them tea spooned their spiritual rights, which they have by birth, and Satan gave them freely. In order to just rob everythign away later. This is no different than “diversity” which if continued on the longterm, will wipe out all diversity from this planet and just create one debilitated “human race” that will be purely incompentent of dealing with both the internal existence within Earth, or the external existence outside of it.

As for the lower enemy entities, they are operated like a hive mind by the reptilians and other entities. Satan told me these beings are completely robbed of their free will and they are operated entirely through a computer by the Reptilian aliens, or other higher aliens. The enemy has absolutely NO consideration of the free will or right of existence for any other animal. They no longer exist in any personal way. They are merely assimilated. Communism inspired by the jews, who are offspring of Rabbinical families, show the same thing. This is the blueprint of Communism. No free will, no personal freedom, everyone is a numbered cattle and they execute commands like drones. Jewish Stalin and the Bolshevik Jews couldn’t materialize this further, merely because of lack of technological means. To the extent they could, they did this completely. That’s all.

The same blueprint is being carried in how they brainwash the masses endlessly and the list goes. With all available means, they take other beings over as much as possible, like their alien masters dictate. The plan for this planet and Humanity is a similar plan like the one with the greys. Who use them like pawns, or merely, like extensions of themselves and their will, while they themselves possess none. Its common knowledge in UFOlogy that most greys can’t even procreate, as this freedom has been taken from them all together.

They have no free “will” and therefore, they cannot “rebel” against “god” or any other higher power. They are loyal to “god” (the Reptilian aliens and the rest of the alien hive) completely. This is why the enemy hates rebellion with such passion. Now these ET beings who do this, in the book of the jews, place themselves under the role of “God”, and they put Satan in the other end, of the mere lower rebel and such. Its a book written by the enemies of Satan and their offspring, meant to confuse, deceive and lie.

This is why the enemy calls of “ministering angels”. These in the bible are the “Elohim”. Elohim does merely mean, beings of “Light”. Light is EL (ελ) in Hebrew and is stolen from Egypt, in which the sound is “EE-L” (ηλ) for the same word. This is also Bab-EL. The correct pronouncing is BAB-EEL. Contrary to popular belief, the Nefelim are more advanced and they are more evolved as entities than the “Elohim”. The “Elohim” are the “angels of JHVH” or the jewish “god”, or those around and alied under those who are the “Gods” or Ancestors of the jews. Which are those who HP Don mentioned. Anyone who masters or uses the light (magick) is associated with the above title. Keep this in mind, as “EL” merely means light, or Sunlight.

In the broad category of “Angels”, do fall a lot of beings, some of which are real, some of which are thoughforms, some of which appear merely when “called”, in one way or another. The jews talk of their physical ancestors, being aliens from the hive which they have named as “YHVH”, which they mention even descended and talked to the fictional “Abraham” and gave him the “Torah”. In any sense, they contacted their ancestors long ago and they made a pact with their progeny, which, their progeny has been loyally following since. They literally talk of carrying their genes and being divided from the rest of the planet.

The enemy says the “Angels” of “God”, also, do not possess free will. This is well known amongst scholars, Rabbis and mystics of the enemy, same as the fact that when these “Angels” are called, Greys or other hostile entities exist. They are also bloodthirsty and they enjoy seeing people die, or demand sacrifices, like JHVH himself does in the Bible. Many people who call these entities report on how they tell them to murder their own children, and even in the Bible its documented that they have a fetish for human killing and sacrifice. This is why the angels are merely serving, because they are not real beings, or ET beings that do exist in hives, or merely though forms created by the enemy, or all of the above. That is, created out of “EL” (light) by the jews themselves (thoughforms) or the enemy hives, to serve “god” and the jews.

The literal offspring of these hostile alien entities, are the jews. They themselves openly state it, going as far as to talk about their different DNA from ALL other people on EARTH. Part of their existential hatred against our Gods, is merely because of this knowledge, which their higher ones know, but the jews pretend to have disputes over. This is why the enemy advocates so strongly that the jews must “have no other Gods before me (says JHVH) [4] and that the “Gods of others will destroy the jews if followed by them ” [5].

The bible is basically a story of these cosmic battles between our Gods and the Gods of the enemy, in trying to control the planet and steer it into different dimensions. The jews know the Torah is a “possible” reality that can be materialized by their spiritual warfare and physical means. Its not in anyway the word of “god” and the jews know this entirely well. Satan’s side is pro freedom, individuality and the list goes, while the side of the enemy has a totally reptilian conception of how life should happen. By slavery. This manifests as communist, oppressive christian regimes, mass slavery and death and the list goes.

The enemy Rabbis are also totally aware of the ET reality behind all they are and do. They go as far as to openly state they openly COMMUNICATE with these entities. So don’t but the crap that the Joy of Satan is “lunatic” or does anything different. The only problem the enemy has is that we communicate with their enemies, who are the beings that are existentially allied aganst them, which are called “Demons” in the spiritual literature, most of which belong to the Nordic alien Race, and other Races, allied against the Reptilians and these Races that want to enslave Humanity. The kikes just throw dust into the eyes of people so that their occult and heavily alien conspiracy and racial dictatorship on the planet will go undisputed. The enemy themselves they know what’s up, at least most of those at the top.

The UFOlogists like David Kike, uh sorry, Icke, have a fetish of blaming “Orion” in being the home of the Reptilians which is a big ass lie. He even goes as far as to blame Satan for being a Reptilian and the list goes. While the evident is even in the bible, about the enemy jews who are the offspring of JHVH by their own word, they resemble the species known as “reptilian” aliens. Satan and the Gods, who are Pagan deities or protectors of the Pagans, resemble anything but “reptilians”. They represent Nordics. Their representations are everywhere on the Ancient world, where they give people knowledge, teach them, give them abilities and introduce them into the various sciences. The Truth is again, in reverse. The jews merely project all they are and do onto Satan. Satan and the Gods are Nordics mostly.

As for the “Truthers” and certain “UFOlogists” who are in the mainstream (because the jew of course let them spew their lies, or because they are their agents), they merely write more of the Bible and Jewish lies and try to make Satan seem responsible for all the enemy and their ET’s are doing all along, no different than christianity, or the kikes, who try to fend off responsibility and blame on Satan. This jewish world order does not in anyway reflect the slightest of Satan’s wishes.

The UFOlogists and “Truthers” of the enemy, do the exact same thing, but on a more modernized basis, trying to hide the Truth that is coming out behind the UFO and ET matters. This would come as destined by the times and the age of Aquarius, so the enemy endlessly lies and creates more frontiers to blind the people. The motto is the same. There is no advancement, love and happy sugar coat bullshit, brotherhood of “mankind”, “human race” and the list goes on. The same vile ET’s and ideas are lurking behind all these myriads of supposed “truths” and “choices”. No wonder in the jewish New Age movement, where most people talk to “Angels” or channel them, only to give out more worthless and stupid information, that further damns humanity. The messages projected are just as dumb as those who delude themselves in that they are receiving these.

The same goes for the supposed “Satanic Illuminati” that does have NOTHING to do with Satan, but is just a ripoff of the original Satanic Brotherhood of the Serpent of the Ancient times, that had to do with freedom, adjusted to the Reptilians and other creatures like the Jews so they can racially enslave the world. Much of the knowledge applied is stolen by the enemy and its adjusted to their offspring, so they can wage war on us. This is why the enemy uses these symbols for instance. Because they are symbols of power in general, not because they believe in them or own them. The enemy is quite aware of the fact that they are to preside over as a RACE amongst all other Races, calling themselves the seed of Abraham and children of JHVH. The rest of the “Goyim” are seed of Satan.

Satan must always get the blame, as he is the enemy of the jewish Race, who is behind ALL of this thing in regards to enslaving Humanity. Even in their texts, Satan is the liberator of Humanity and for this he is scorned and hated. Part of this liberation is the Truth, the ability to rebel, the ability to procreate, having the Serpent, ability to do magick and alter “Fate” etc. The Egyptians openly glorify the Orion belt, and the descriptions of the Gods show anything but any “Reptilian” entity. They show entities like them, which look entirely human and friendly. The head of the Sphinx is the head of actual ET Gods that came and descended down to Earth.

The jews are aware of everything. At least the serious ones. They are also totally aware, as they are a spiritual Racial caste, of what they are doing. They basically do what the Ancient Priests in the past did, only in a more watered down version, which is nevertheless a service to their jew hive. Despite of all their attempts to cover anything, or how they pretend to be presecuted and all these lies, the information should be easy to find. They know they are doing auras, magick, blessings, curses, spiritual warfare etc. The war against “Satan” is not a coincidence, neither some sort of ‘pseudoreligious warfare’. Same as the jews try to hide their racial factor, they try to brush away everything as superstition. The jews do know that Satan is REAL and that all of this extends further. To what degree, it varies. The real studied one’s of the enemy do though know entirely.

Though I advise against reading their bullshit as the lies are immense and one would need help from Satan in understanding these, or the Gods, as in face to face. The enemy lies relentlessly, its good to mention something like this here.

Here a Rabbi admits what the JoS has openly told you years ago, to be entirely TRUE. The Rabbis all know this to be a fact. Basically, everyone spiritual does, except of the Goyim who go to the church and give these hives energy, only to further destroy and enslave Humanity, and to wage attack against our Gods. The hatred of Rabbis against our Gods, and the jewish hatred, is not offbase.

Its hatred based on the fact that they are literally, of another creator, with another aims for Humanity. This is why they hate all non-jews (Satan’s Creation) with a sheer passion. Behind the so called names of Hebrew Angels, don’t hide real beings, but imposter beings, or hive minds, or just merely thoughforms. The “72” name of God n the Hebrew Kabbalah, is actually, the 72 names of the hebrew Angels of the bible. All these Angels or hive minds or thoughtforms, constitute a matrix or existence of the jewish “godform” and are part of it. Part of this are also jews. This “godform” is en masse called, “JHVH”. Its collectives of such beings, under a categorized name, who are nefarious and want to destroy Humanity.

From the writtings of Rabbi Ariel Tzadok [A kosher Rabbi] [2]:

” […]Raziel is a real entity, so is Sandalphon and so is Metatron. Yet, what most do not know is that these entities themselves are collective beings. Many entities share a single hive-mind, all thinking together as one, although their number is legion. There is only one Raziel, but many entities are part of the collective Raziel. The same is true of all the others in the angelic host. This is what is meant when it says that an angel has so many underlings serving under him. Essentially they are all part of him and are essentially him, himself. This is a reality shared by us human beings, but at present, we are for the most part oblivious to this.

Another one[2]:

“Modern opinions wish to adamantly claim that all Biblical records of angelic visitations were exclusively visionary experiences, and that there were absolutely no physical materialization at all. The majority of Torah opinions disagree with this view. The majority believe that non-corporeal angels take on physical form to come down to Earth, and then revert to their normal non-corporeal state. Maybe this is an accurate expression of their travels, but this says nothing about their natural state, in their natural habitat. ”

Yet another one, for the Demons this time. Remember, the jewish book of the bible, was written by hostile enemy ET’s. It doesn’t hold the True story. The Demons are superior to “god” or these beings. The war extends far further. “Fallen” is a ripoff concept. It merely means that someone has access to the lower dimensions of existence. In fact possessing a physical body and being a spiritual master, like our Gods, is what shows advancement. Non physical entities that do not possess or cannot possess a physical body, are weaker.

In one ancient teaching, recorded in Avot D’Rebbi Natan, there is discussion about another alien race of beings that we refer to as demonic. It is taught that these demonic entities share similar characteristics with both humans and angels. These entities like angels can be invisible, fly and have prescient knowledge of the future.
Like humans, these entities eat and drink, sexually procreate and die. Now, how can something ethereal and non-corporeal eat and drink, have sex and die, unless there is a definite physical component to them? Now let us extrapolate from what we do know on to what we want to know. If these demonic entities are the fallen angels,
spoken of in Genesis 6 and they can eat, drink, sexually procreate and die, does this mean that their non-fallen compatriots can do the same?

Yet another one [2]:

This episode in the life of Abraham seeing and actually interacting with corporeal angels, appearing as human, is not an isolated incident in the Torah, or in later Biblical literature. Thus the appearance of angels, then and now, might have a very real physical component to them. While knowledge of this as applied to understanding the Bible is nice, it is still only academic. Yet, angelic intervention amongst human beings never ended with the close of the Biblical cannon. Angels continue to intervene among us to this day. Countless stories, from around the world, have been told for centuries how this or that Rabbi met with Eliyahu HaNavi or some other Heavenly entity. The one thing these stories have in common is that the angel in question always comes in a physical form and always appears in the disguise of being simply human.

Another one which is long but very revealing[2]:

“This second method is how the entities, which Torah refers to as angels, come to Earth. In most cases when these entities appear, as was the case with Avram, they are referred to as men. They look like human beings and act like human beings; they even partake of a meal, eating human food. Their identities are somehow intuited, but if not for such “spiritual” sensitivity, their true identities would go unnoticed, as it was in Sodom.

When messengers from G-d come to Earth from whatever domain, abode or planet of their origins, they use some means of transportation that transports their essence, and enables that essence to materialize in a compatible form for life, here on Earth. As such, their perceived form would be that of a gaseous or plasma form, or possibly just
mere matter-less energy. Yet, while we see them as they are embodied here, and while we may perceive them in their gaseous or plasma mode of transport, this by no way concludes or confirms that their indigenous form in their domains of origins are anything of the kind. To us, an angel is a messenger sent for a reason to accomplish a purpose, but then what? Is the angel/messenger no more than a computer program, designed to mindlessly perform a function and that’s it, then to return to the oblivion from which it came? Are angel/messengers no more than some super advanced form of “alien” artificial intelligence, merely programmed and limited by the boundaries of such programming? If this is so, it would explain why some Sages have commented that angels have no free will. Yet, we see through Biblical example, and later Midrashic teachings, that angels do rebel against Heaven, and challenge the accepted order.”

Then, most revealing about who wants the world to become “One” and to impose a Jew World Order. Like the bible, chock full of fake promises. The meaning is one: all must be assimilated into one computer brain and then the reptilians or something must take over, or something. OR a fat jew will control the computer, or this “unity” or something, which will be later called “Messiah” by the jews:

“As for individual identities during these radical changes, Kurzweil suggests people think of themselves as an evolving pattern rather than a specific collection of molecules. Kurzweil says evolution moves towards “greater complexity, greater elegance, greater knowledge, greater intelligence, greater beauty, greater creativity, and greater levels of subtle attributes such as love”.[38] He says that these attributes, in the limit, are generally used to describe God. That means, he continues, that evolution is moving towards a conception of God and that the transition away from biological roots is in fact a spiritual undertaking.[38]” [6]

Doesn’t matter where the jews are at. In your church, in their synagogue, in the head of Cern or Google, or in some parliament. They work only in one thing. Deception, lying to people, and trying to promise that they give them the best when they merely move them in a large assimilation. To loss of all identity, with the higher purpose being what Satan reveals.

Lies here, lies there, cover ups. That’s all. The thing is and remains the same. The Ancient mission of the jews the same. To enslave the world, simply put.

More comments that testify the Jews literally believe Satan to be real being and a real entity, with real powers, that works against them overtime for their destruction. These also testify about their spiritual war against “Satan” and the “Demons” of Satan.

“The Talmud put the matter succinctly: “One should never open his mouth to Satan,” that is, evil talk is nothing less than an invitation to the demons.” [1]

“The medieval literature is full of warnings against “opening one’s mouth to Satan,” but warnings do not suffice and the lesson is driven home by frequent tales of the grievous consequences of suchincaution.” [1]

“The words of holy writ were the most potent charms against the forces of evil. Upon all critical occasions, when spirit attacks were feared, such as prior to a funeral, or the night before circumcision (the Wachnacht), or indeed all the eight nights after birth, or the nights of holydays which are momentous for the fate of the individual, such as Yom Kippur and Hoshana Rabbah, studying the Bible and other holy writings was a common prophylactic. “As soon as a man has ceased his preoccupation with the words of Torah Satan has permission to attack”; this was the general principle.’” [Obviously, “permission” is part of the jewish lies, which they hope applied but people should know by now of the lying jewish nature, and their megalomaniac syndrome] [1]

[1] Jewish Magic and Superstition, by Joshua Trachtenberg, [1939]
[2] Writtings of Ariel Tzadok, Kosher Rabbi, http://Www.KosherTorah.Com
[4] Bible, Old Testament, Exodus 20:3
[5] Bible, Old Testament, Joshua 24:20, Deuteronomy 8:19

Race and Truth: Is the Joy of Satan “Racist”?

Written by HP Hoodedcobra

Is the Joy of Satan Racist?

Greetings to all our Satanic People and Comrades!

As we always do, we have to answer accurately and clearly about this matter about the JoS being, or not being, “Racist”. This is for those fellows who lack education in regards to this matter.

To address this, we have to start from the beginning.

First of all, the term Racist was invented by Jewish Communists, and is a label for anyone who basically believes in the values of Racial and Cultural Preservation, who, in other ways, opposes the Jewish Communist Views on Multiculturalism, Assimilation of Races and Cultures, assimilation of all states in one big “Global” state etc. All these are supposed to be, one Rule, under Communism, which is by its nature a jewish idea and invention, invented by Karl Marx, the son of a Talmudic Rabbi, then supported and reinforced by other jews like Trotsky, Lenin and other scholars and intellectuals of the same school of thought.
Behind this Communism and everything else which supports it or advocates it, we have found, after copious amounts of research, do hide in plain sight for any researcher, the innermost ideas of Judaism in regards to how this world should be governed. Many Talmudic and Torah scholars have openly stated (like Baal Shem Tov) that the ideal way of governing society, is through Communism, and that this was based on “Divine Revelation” by the powers and deity(-ies) the jews do believe.

In this ideal state of governing, as the USSR, Communist China, Communist Albania, Poland, South Korea, Greece and other places have proven historically, the jews are supposed to be on the top, ruling the masses with a “Rod of Iron”. Whether or not they make it into a governing power, the casualties still remain, mainly because of the opposing elements that Communism brings (being a “Revolutionary Idea”) in the midst of any “Host Society” that its being brought into. The casualties and destruction in all social, economic and structural sectors have been unparalleled in history, which happened under this way of governing. Casualties which go above the hundreds of millions, are just the large sum of dead people who have been ‘resisting’ the “Revolution” or who stood as obstacle to it. Therefore, these people were exterminated. This was when the Communists had total power to move things physically, to do what Lenin has taught as, “move onto the Next Stage of the Communist Revolution”, longing to its finalization, which is a totalitarian regime in every sense of the word.

This idea behind Communism, while it’s appealing as “Equality” for the masses, this equality is only between the members of the masses, not the people in general. While there is already Equality (at least in Civil Society) in front of the law, Communism preaches physical and biological, or other forms of equality which as perceived, go against the dictates of Nature. This ideally seems like a way to avoid wars and build war peace, but this cannot be manifested in reality and for this to be approached, other radical things would have to happen first, which include, Race Mixing, Death of Nations and any opposing religious, cultural and ethical elements, or just about any element that is in opposition to the Communist world conception and dogma. In this “ideal” state, the jews are at the top and they are governing over everyone else, everyone is racially, culturally and physically assimilated (except of the Jews, who retain their culture), the individual and all individualism is crushed totally under the boot of “mass” and “equality”. Despite of the promises of ‘Communism’ and the ‘Communist Paradise’, most people who know the historical reality of these paradisiac statements and the obvious and Natural Reality all around us, know that this cannot be manifested and cannot exist in reality. The jews and the defenders of Communism, do approve that if all Races and people are destroyed and assimilated, all borders and distinctions or individual traits are destroyed, then people can live in “peace”.

For anyone that does not approve the above or in any way, stands against everything that factors in or helps the above, or opposes any idea of what is presented above, the term Racist which was invented by jews, is used since the Communist Revolution to attack them and win any argument without arguing, against any and all form of resistance and opposition to the ideology of Communism or whatever supports it.

Most users of this word are not aware neither of what Racist means, neither of what it means, nor they can define what it means. This is the purpose of this. What being Racist means is nothing but thin air, it cannot be acutely pinpointed by those who use this word or blame others of being ‘racist’ and it can be adjusted in any time and condition, is based on the demoralization, be it ethical and social, of the target this word has selected to hit- it cannot be argued with logically and it is simply a political slur of the lowest kind to instantly demolish enemies without any further thinking process or insight over what being a “Racist” is. The word “Racist” in itself has no meaning and hides behind itself no real value. It is just an emotionally charged statement that is being thrown upon opponents of the Communist and Marxist (Jewish) Ideology, and all the aspects which help and cultivate it.

This is identical to how the term “Nazi” is being used to label any opposition against the jewish views of supremacy, critical thinking in regards to the choices and beliefs of Israel, the Jews or Judaism, or programs that relate to these in the political, ethical or even religious sphere. Every opposition or critical analysis of such is “Nazi” or “Racist”. The labels are interchangeable over what the situation needs eradicated, ideologically or in any other ground. Both these labels are based on the conception and teaching of what our enemies instruct both being a “Nazi” or “Racist” could potentially be, or is in reality. The contents of both the terms do not come from us and therefore, cannot represent us. We treat these at best as lowest political slur of the lowest level.

Therefore, what does this word prove and, is the JoS Racist?

In reality, No.

In the sense of how our enemies and their side see us as their enemies, Yes.

We are not afraid to be called Racist, either. It means we are opposed to the enemy and their values.

To us, since this word is empty and devoid and just a political under-belt strike to undermine opponents without any argument, being labelled “Racist” is not an issue. It rings no bells, it causes no damage, since it means nothing. Yet, to the people who don’t know what it means, where being or not being “Racist” potentially leads and are indoctrinated into Communism and Cultural Marxism, it just means that we are their enemies or ideological opposition. This doesn’t mean anything in itself, and unless the members partaking or watching this conversation are brainwashed or have already taken a side, this statements hold no innate value.

And in this, the statement of them stands correct. According to them, we are Racist, because we oppose them. But we are not “Racist” in the way they describe or they have lead the populace to believe due to decades of indoctrination (ie, hating on other Races other than one’s respective Race for instance) but we are ‘Racist’ in the sense of their labelling to us, as their opposes and enemies. Not in substance.
We oppose all the aforesaid values, where these could potentially lead, where these lead historically, the plan of any future world based on these values and the people who created, do support and hide behind these “values”. We have found these to be socially, culturally and existentially deadly and dangerous and upon examining both the physical, historical and spiritual dimension of what these beliefs are and where they lead, we cannot but reject these values.

Therefore, we are called negatively, “Nazis” or thought of as “Racists”.

We are naturally opposed to the above beliefs, both in the spiritual sphere, but also in the ideological sphere, nonetheless.

To examine further our religious side of view on the subject of “Nazism” and “Racism”.

To take matters from the beginning, the first book ever written on Racial Supremacy, enslaving other Races, destroying hostile and “alien” civilizations and states merely because of the reason of their differences, is owned by jews and it is self-evident in its teaching. For anyone that doesn’t know, this is the Jewish Book of the Bible, which was written by jews. Especially in the first part of it, the Old Testament, gives out in plain the ideas which are the structural basis of the Jewish Thinking. In its first pages, and throughout the bible, Racial hatred, that to kill and destroy other Races is justified for the Jewish People, that their war against enemy cultures, religions and faiths is justified by God- all these teachings reside in the book and are ascribed as the “Will of God”, who is the “God” of the “Chosen People”, again, the Jews. Gentiles and anyone who resists this jewish expansionism in all areas, are labelled as Pagans and Satanists, or those labellede as an Idolater. Everyone that doesn’t believe or bow into this jewish representation of divine jewish power, is an enemy and stands in the way of the divine way of the jews.

“God” exterminates and kills these people repeatedly and his/its actions are self-justified. He is “god” and he needs no justification, neither he needs to reason out anything with any mortal. He is just merely free to act, unlawfully and in anyway he/it sees fit. The jews stand as a privileged Race, descending from “God”, separated from any and all other Races, with their Racial God, their Racial Mission, Divine Jurisdiction to “Judge”, “Destroy”, “Cheat” and “Reform” any other Race/Culture/Civilization as they see fit and to achieve their ends. They are the “good” people and all others, are the Evil people. Despite of any attempts to sugar coat and beautify all this, the sayings in the bible are evident. The jews are at war, spiritually, mentally and physically, with every Non-Jewish Race that doesn’t accept their conception of “god” and they are by definition, Satanic, as is anything that opposes the teachings of the New or Old Testament.
Now, historically, all those who opposed the jewish dogmas, expansionism and conception, have been labelled “idolaters” and Satanists at times of judgment. In certain historical epochs, they were plain out murdered and killed. This label was enough. The jews openly state through this book these common points:

1. The jews are by nature opposed against all other Races who oppose them. Same is implied for their ways of governing themselves, their deities and any other structure by which their enemies become powerful and surive.

2. The jews are by nature opposed and at war against all other ideas or modes of thinking which do not accept what they profess inside the Bible, or later on historically, in any other sphere such as the political one.

3. The jews have the right to exterminate, attack and destroy every opposition to them. Part of this right is also the right to infiltrate and “change” civilizations, beliefs and cultures as they see fit – They are imposing the will of “god” as they see it and neither them neither “god” is to be questioned, let alone criticized and overthrown.

4. Despite of the opposing statements, this has happened already countless times in history, in the whole of Jewish History, if just someone pays attention. No matter if solely jewish hands or not have done this, they have certainly incited it.

5. On all the history of what we call jews, the ruling caste of this Race has been what can be called as Zionists. Although this label is a bluff to divide attention from all jews, only to the ruling elements, the fact that the jews are always ruled by these elements and by their own choice, proves that the jews are too desiring this to take place, furiously and feverishly. For reasons of security, they just preach otherwise. The political manifestation of Zionism and the plans to create the “God World” are the blueprints of Communism. The roof of all this is the Bible.

The jews behind all this, are allowed freely and without any disruption to practice what they deem as evil, unethical and corrupted for anyone else. Having a Racial State, having Racial Laws, adhering to their Heritage, building their Racial Power and collective, have an inner spirituality about all of the above and finally, having the political ideology(-ies) to enforce what their collective thinks of as “goals” or “purposes” to impose upon reality, not only to themselves without distraction, but to anyone else. They are allowed to be a State within every State, give word only to themselves and use as much force as necessary to focus their demands.

Βecause nobody else is doing the same thing or even dares to affirm this, the jews are by this connectedness more powerful in comparing to their enemies, which they constantly attack with whatever mentally, socially, physically and culturally or religiously destabilizes them. Cultural Marxism, Christianity, Islam, Immigration due to the Wars of Israel, preaching “equality” and Communism- all these things are well known by jews to be cards so they can further push their Agenda. The uneducated masses, having no ideas for themselves and no cultural compass, let alone religious compass or intellectual compass, are by definition clinging on what the jews have formulated for them. Therefore, these values bring confusion and the jews achieve their ends through them.

Whomever resists, disobeys, or wants to counteract theseattacks, or is even critical of these- they are Nazis or Racists in the Political Sphere, or Satanists/Heathens/Idololaters in the Religious one. Therefore, subjects for extermination and subversion in the minds of the jews and those who follow their decrees.

Things to examine are for instance, why are people believing in Christianity, same as they do believe in Communism, without having done any research about these things or having any concrete knowledge of the deeper meanings in such? Why are there so many forms and so many lies and confusions in regards to both of these programs? Why do people are uneducated to the fact that Christianity and Communism are both imposed ideologies, that came in war and killed Millions? Why are opposes of such treated in such inhumane and destructive ways? Why in both these beliefs, jews, jewish ideals, jewish ethics and jews are praised as ideological, “godlike” and political icons of worship?

Also, to not stretch matters. Many people claim that Communism is Atheism. This is easily debunked by the holy and mighty authority and worship the jews behind both these programs received. God, like “jews” and whatever they create, is beyond analysis, correction, criticism and opposition. Somehow, both of these programs are based in some invisible, unnatural mechanism that makes people feel “guilty”, “wrong” and “immoral” if the values of these are not followed and accepted, no matter even if logical analysis, historical proof and evidence proves these values deadly for the mental health, spiritual health, or the health of any state, civilization and being with life.

One can glaringly see that “Nazi”, “Racist” and “Satanist” or any other such statement, works in the same way and in the same purpose. To turn public opinion/masses (since it’s owned and educated by the jewish powers in religion, intellectualism etc) and public hatred or outright murdering force, towards anyone who opposes these people, their demands and their expansion.

While Satanist/Idolater is the title for this process in the religious level, Nazi and Racist are the labels used for the Political level. The meaning though remains the same: Whomever opposes the jews is labelled blindly and is to be destroyed, imprisoned, punished, or removed from the way for the jewish goals, ideas, aspirations and forces.

The Joy of Satan is, as the name implies, a Satanic Religion. We have found that Satanism doesn’t mean anything and has absolutely no substance like what the enemies of Satan, their writings and their conception of it, have preached for centuries, on their own, dogmatically, forcefully and towards their ideological slaves. Satan stems from the Sumerian Satyan, which means Eternal Way and also ties into the Hindu term for Sanatana Dharma Dharma which means again, the Eternal Way, but exists in many Ancient Languages, revolving around the same matters.

It’s entirely something else, and this is described in the Joy of Satan webpage, so as to not make this lengthy, we can skip this. One just has to study and nobody can do this for them. What is for sure is that this “God” and all other Pagan “Gods” mentioned in the Bible, are to us, literal entities that do oppose the jewish purposes and advances. We believe that behind these “silly” stories which are like “fairytales” of the enemy, real and concrete forces, beings and types of awareness make their own “War”. We also believe this ties into other, literal, non-corporeal beings and that this extends far more than what we have openly admitted in our recorded history.

The correct term for the Joy of Satan, is what is called as Racial Separatism.

Satanists adhere to the laws of Nature, and Nature intended by her own design.

Therefore, this brings us to the understanding of certain points. The first point is, that one must always respect what Nature intends and work in accordance to Nature. When Nature is not obeyed, one cannot be free. Actions which defy the laws of Nature, end up in failure and disaster.

This is why the Joy of Satan is against Race Mixing and supports Racial Separatism. Race Mixing is known and proven scientifically, to cause physical issues when done repeatedly over long periods of time. Also, Race mixing that is done over centuries, not only doesn’t promote diversity, but in centuries down the road would simply create a Human Race of genetic clump, without any differences, culturally, spiritually or even physically. Race Mixing destroys any Diversity. This is to the benefit of nobody, except of those who keep themselves Racially clean- The jews, at this point.

We believe any and all Gentile Races, that were created by Satan, have their right to exist, evolve and pursuit their Racial fate on their own, in their own respective land and region, but also culturally and existentially. We approve friendship, comradeship and exchange of ideas between Races, but not to the point of any assimilation. We want Gentile Races to survive and Satan’s Agenda implies that all Races will and must remain separate from one another.

We believe that acts of Race Mixing come from a deep rooted, externally or internally programmed self-hatred. One has to seriously hate or abhor themselves, as to want to assimilate themselves, destroy their genetic and cultural heritage only to mold it into nothingness. We consider this an act of lack of intelligence and hatred not only for one’s self, but against Mankind in general, as no matter from which Race the mates do spring, both Races they represent are being permanently destroyed. This does happen after successive generations and the damage is in some cases, not apparent at once.

The act of Race Mixing destroys what Nature has labored to create for millions of years, into a single action and moment. The demographic and social research studies that are not affected by PC and Cultural Marxist ideas, do prove that criminal behavior largely has to do on how a human being cannot adjust to the collective culture of their host Nation. We believe in Justice for all Races. All Gentile Races must be allied, maintain their common Satanic Culture and fight against the enemy, while maintaining their sacred Separateness.
Every Race has their Natural right to defend their territory, their progeny, their future and their fate, or existence. Only the jews and ‘darker’ Races are allowed to exercise this right socially and in a politically accepted sense, to the point even of abuse (such as Rape, mass Immigration, destroying White Women, blaming Whites for everything, racist crimes etc) while the White Race is at this point under the pressure emerging from the Jewish Race and their constructions to both make the White Race self-destroy themselves, weaken them down and finally, inbreed them, outright kill them and destroy them.

Whomever is accepting of this, accepts indirectly the destruction of many members not only of the Joy of Satan, but the planet, since the jews will easily get their way with their plans and they also indirectly accept the Jewish Rulership of the Planet and all that was stated above. They also indirectly accept, their own Racial, Cultural and existential assimilation.
We respect all Races and the Gods have plans for all Races, only if they so themselves understand this and follow their way. The Gods are not obligated in anyway, no different than any other being that is not listened to or attacked, to give in and help anyone who is against their wishes and desires.

Social Marxist, PC, “Christian” or any other sorts of “universalist/egalitarian” values and values which, according to our perception have destroyed Civilization or obviously threaten, do leave us uninterested and also stand as our enemies, same as “Public Opinion” which is just the shape and construct of the Mass Media, which are owned in their striking majority of 99% by jews, only to serve jewish interests and shape the mass consciousness according to their decrees. We trust that upon personal study and looking into the “forbidden” side of reality, what we are told to always hate and abhor, such as Satan, who is the exact opposite of what was preached by jews for Centuries about Him, will find the Truth and comfort in the Truth.

Satan, as well as many of the Ancient Gods and Goddesses, we believe do come from the Nordic Race, or the Race known as the Nordic Race. People with such desires to inbreed and destroy these people, or any other Gentile people for that liking, do come in opposition both to the wishes of Satan and the Gods we believe in, but also blatantly move against both Humanity, Nature and their own self. No Gentile Race is to be enslaved just for the sake of enslaving and definitely, the jews aren’t to get their way in exterminating and weakening down all Gentile Races.

For those who are Racially Mixed and have the decency of character and intelligence to understand that this action is not in accordance to Nature’s Will, they are well accepted into our Ranks, they can Rank however highly and advance as far as they strive for. There are no personal limitations in Satanism. There are rules that are placed by Nature and if one disobeys then there are serious, everlasting punishments. This doesn’t come from “God”, but rather one’s failure or unacceptance of what Nature is evidently trying to teach us. Human and Nature are not and will never be seperated. The only thing that should be worshipped, if that is the correct Word, is the Truth. Nothing that goes against the dictates of Nature survives happily or powerfully for any length of time. We consider the most obvious teaching of Nature to be, that one and the whole must be healthy, powerful and evolve on their own path.

This is what Nature intended and Man, as partaker in Nature and possessing conscious will and thought to direct these Natural Forces, can guide the forces of Nature to be a creator, according to her higher and expressed will. He can be a good one, or a horrible one, creating even his own destruction and the destruction of others. We consider that acts such as these should happen in accordance to the highest beauty, with respect to Nature, those who came before us and those who will come after us. Actions that do not take this in consideration and solely mean to please one’s self in a distorted sense, destroying the essential parts of Civilization (Such as Race, Culture, Heritage, the Natural Environment etc) we consider abomination. Nature blesses clear blooded Races with health, strength, fortitude, power and the higher abilities of intelligence and capability to survive. Race Mixing down the road in centuries causes inevitable damage against Nature and is, if that can be stated, an ultimate wrongdoing in the deepest sense of the word to be committed.

All Satanists, do have the keys to become Spiritual Adepts and also, spiritually the highest Hierarchy on the planet. Against the beliefs of our enemies about Materialism, the majority of Spiritual Satanists do know, like the Ancient People, the invisible and metaphysical dimension of life. New rules arise by this research, without giving a false feeling of supremacy (like the jews) who consider themselves “Chosen of God” and think they have a right to enslave and destroy everyone else based on this feeble reason.

Our feeling of Superiority comes from Wisdom, Knowledge and assisting Civilization to advance, but also becoming beacons of enlightenment for any other members of our Race, Civilization or in our common cause. We believe that Gentile Races has a sacred metaphysical purpose, and is not solely a grossly physical distinction between people. These differences are holy and emanations from the Divine, with Divine purposes for each Race and violations of such are to be payed harshly by the individuals committing such.

When Race is involved, this involves the Whole World and also, the future of Humanity. To disregard this command by Nature, is to disregard and disobey her highest order. After one grows aware of this, they must adhere to this, no matter their personal lives and choices. From this point that one knows the Truth, they are obligated to stand for it, or join the enemy hoards of lies and transient existence, which ultimately ends in death and destruction of everyone involved, but also, mass ignorance.

The Truth must be understood and comprehended, but also accepted, irrespectively of our personal neglect, acceptance or understanding. This doesn’t place any limitation, but rather sets any being free. Nature on her own affirms these Truths for everyone willing to see it. People who disregard what is in front of them, or want to subvert the whole of Humanity by unnatural actions, unnatural ethics and mental or spiritual or even social destruction, by adhering to Jewish Teachings, are victims of their own fate and as thus we cannot help it but have a suspicious and unaccepting stance towards them.

Satanism is about Truth, it cannot be made to serve lies or it loses its essence. Therefore, for such beings, there exist other pacifist faiths and religious programs which they can adhere to, stay away of the evident Truths and sacrifice everything based on their own lack of understanding and conception. The greatest punishment is to never understand the higher understanding and reach one’s fullest potential, which is the essence of being Human. They should not here wasting our time or theirs, in anyway.

Satan, we stand at your side!

Written by HP Hoodedcobra


We need to Understand and Remember. We have to remember, that once in time, not too long ago, before the enemy spawned their ugly head and their ever looming darkness consumed this World, we stood out there as Heroes, not for any other Honor, but because we shared the common choice: To serve Truth and to follow Truth. Then, following lies that we “in power” became law. But even then, we stood in our side. Lies raised their dark powers and they attacked us, mercilessly and brutally. They only managed to do one thing- erase an image. They never killed the Satanic Spirit. The Satanic Spirit has always lived. It lives in us, it lived in our Ancestors, it lived in the people of all Ages fighting for Freedom. The known and unknown people, who have went against all tides, the literal fire and brimstone, with just one idea in mind: Truth.

There were those who were before us and there are those, who will come after us, long after we are gone. What matters in this is Eternity. The ever existing and Eternal Now. We have been standing eternally in the front of the eye of Eternity. Eternity isn’t always to live forever, however possible this may be. Eternity is granted to all those who align themselves with Truth and fight for it. Do not let this transient show of the enemy blind you. Yes, they have turned our legacy for a short time, to evil. Yes, the enemy has blinded many people. Yes, the Heroes have became for short the “Criminals”, but the Truth has never been lost. It lives in people still.

They have rewrote history to hide all their fears, mistakes and assumptions, to make they seem great. In a deeper sense, they are paranoid because the exact opposite has been occurring. You need to look no further than the average jew to see this. This is why they are always ready to drag the sword and kill anyone, their own, whomever. This is why they need the biggest castles to hide. This is why they can never build bonds of trust, comradeship and love, as we are doing. They are paranoid, inferior and fearful. They don’t know why, or when, or from where their demise will come. They know that it is coming and that its inevitable. The enemy wants to get rid of the people in who Truth still lives. They know, that the moment of their defeat is inevitable. They have turned our names in Darkness, our Gods in defamation and our people in flames. Their hands are full of blood, of Gentile people, dead, living and even yet unborn. Have they ever turned the tide for any long while? Never. Always, something is onto them.

But they have failed miserably. They have failed to inflict terror in our hearts, they have failed to stop this wave. Our power is based not in titles or anything else, but the ordinary man and person. The guy walking down the street, this mother with the children and these young ones who want to follow a legitimate path of self-empowerment, Truth, Health and Success. You can’t say this for our enemies. Our enemy has no faith and no loyalty. They are bonded by nothing, other than the mere serving of physicality. They have failed to wash away all this blood that ruins them and upon which they have established their ‘reign’. Their reign of blood, torture and hellfire is dawning. The playing stupid and the jew talk no-longer works. They can keep lying, but the common people will be won over. They might have temporarily succeeded in bringing clouds upon the skies, rainstorms of lies and gloomy skies. But the Sun still stands. And they still, cannot stand him. The Sun will shine and erase them all.

Satan’s Reign will return. We once were a handful of people. The bearers of our legacy and religion, have been few in number. Our idea and our power has though been unsurmountable. So many few, willing to die and face the most horrible of fates, but in the end, they embraced the greatest thing. They were few, but what can be said about their Will. What can be said about their Eternal Spirit? Do you ever think the enemy reached this or even understood this? This never happened. They followed the Truth, while our enemy follows lies. They have went against the enemy with all their Will and in their last moments, they cursed them forcefully and with a deathly intent. This still remains on the enemy. The cries and suffering, pain and misery they have inflicted to Humanity, these are stuck into their jewish souls forever. The screams of these Souls who suffered are onto them and they are revealed GUILTY. These curses and all this Gentile blood stands on our banner, waiting to be redeemed, which makes the enemy cower and afraid. Because they know that all these centuries of crimes, cannot but crush them. The billions of corpses the enemy has created by their programs, lies and merciless “world”, we have to put to justice. These souls have to be put to rest.

In the last year, we have told you something and we all have told it openly: Things will get gloomy as far as the World goes. We will try to offset this by all means. But we have also stated what can be done about it. Then, you are to master your personal fate by the Meditations, as this is what the enemy detests and fears. We are entering in the serious turns of this War. The enemy is pulling their big attacks. Each day, the blood in the jewish hands is becoming more and more. Such is becoming our Will and Determination to stop this. We, the Children of Satan, do have the means and the ways to stop this and bring things back in order. It’s not too late, but there isn’t an eternal timeline for this. Action must be taken NOW. You must never forget, the people are the masses of the people. Most people are Gentiles. They can be blind, impaired and weak, but we are dealing with a murderous oligarchy of psychopaths and nothing else. Before I said to remember, where we stand, now I say, to understand, that things are different than what they seem.

You must understand this. We are dealing with a murderous oligarchy and not with the people. The People no longer trust these jews, their creations and projections to the Gentiles. The Gentiles are waking up from their spells and they are getting educated in flaming rates. As thus, the enemy tried to halt this, stop this and destroy the people responsible, but since this is not possible, they will machinate matters to do even more murder. They are planning a third World War. Not to fight one another, but to make the people kill one another. They themselves are very settled at the top. They enjoy seeing Gentiles die and they are doing everything they can to make this continue.

Definitely, the enemy has their pawns, but since when these people are anything more than living swine? They are afraid of the people. They are waking up, because some people were brave enough to step forward. The Satanic Truth will shine and in the coming years you will see people in the hundreds, then the thousands, then the hundreds of thousands joining us. We have always been stronger, we have always been higher than our enemies, yet the darkness consumed us for a while. But the Sun can never be extinguished.

The Truth will stand forever, with us and within us. The enemy has lost their mind, they are being exposed, they are senselessly murdering all over the place, women children and innocent people, just to keep their slaver authority going. Now, they want to catapult yet another war of catastrophic proportions. They are always doing this, all the time since they were around- more and more blood, only as to preserve their slaver authority and existence, which is parasitic and deathly for us all.

One must never forget Our Fhurer. He wasn’t the Fhurer for Europe, Germany, or any other such specific. He was a Leader beyond time, against time, who shared with us an Eternal Truth. The Truth both in general, but above all, he showed us our illness- The jewish problem. Then, these soldiers of Truth sacrificed themselves and anything they had, so the Final Struggle against the Decay will be carried out. We might come and go, but the Truth will stand Forever and She must be defended.

It might seem that now, it’s the darkest before dawn. Yes, it is. The enemy pushed us into this darkness, hoping to destroy us. But this empowered us. It made us immortal, for He touched our Hears and Souls. In this darkness, you can see HIM. In this Darkness, you can feel Him. In this Darkness, you can see His Light. And in this time, His hands are layed openly on us, to hold us firm in this Struggle. He is there. He never left, He never forsake us. So many people wanted to get into the Darkness to see Him, for all they saw was darkness and despair, thinking of it to be Light! Give them the Truth, hand it over to these people. Then, the the blind will awaken. Then, the nightmare of the enemy will come True.

As for us, Satan’s Light guides us. He is Bliss, Power, Victory and Justice. The enemy will be Judged for all they have done. They stand guilty, now and for all eternity. They *ARE* PAYING. Satan wants this World to be free, orderly, civilized, happy and elevated. Not a jewish owned and run slave pig farm. Satan fights relentlessly against this and this is why the jews are attacking Satanists and Satan in basically, the whole of their “faith”. Satan is where the jews find their greatest disasters and failures come to life. Satan is where the JEWS LOSE.

Until the end and further, we will March. The Gods are laying their hands on us and we must take them and hold them tightly. We must hold them firmly. We must work under what is required of us, for Satan and ourselves, but above all what Satan represents: Eternal Truth. Our Will stands Imposing and our Determination can shatter the worlds, as it shatters this fake jewish matrix the people are living in, as slaves. The people will soon be free. Nothing else but Final Victory will suffice, and we are after nothing less.

Only Final and TOTAL Victory!



The importance of the spiritual advance

It is for those gentile brothers and sisters who are new to satanism…

We, humans, were created to evolve into spiritually ascended beings. Every primordial tradition, true pagan religion had the same path, had the same teachings. Satanism is a collective word for all pagan religion, as all pagan culture respected Satan as the benevolent creator God who gave knowledge to the humanity.

People are being reincarnated again and again until they achieve the Godhead by performing the great alchemical work, the Magnum Opus which is the perfection of the soul and immortality.
We are not here to reborn over and over again and live our low level materialistic lives in this fucked up, jewed pig farm, in this filthy jewish matrix, where we could become nothing but only brainwashed, ignorant, obedient slaves of the jews and their human-hating alien masters.

We are here to become fully ascended people who are perfect spiritually and physically too. Humanity was created with a spiritual mission to ascend to divine from human. Satan’s intent was to elevate his children to the supreme truth and divinity in the long run. To have equality with our Gods. THIS is the greatest gift of creation in the universe.

So now I would like to share how to start to advance spiritually to reach that spiritual state which our ancestors also achieved in the Golden Age. These are the power meditations and other spiritual practises like yoga.

But first, gentile brothers and sisters, you need to read this:

Energy of the soul:

Given the extent of the internet and mass communications, the truth can no longer be suppressed. Many different people are coming to Satanism in huge numbers, as never before. I am writing this article mainly for those who are totally new. Many of us who have been with Satan for much longer are well versed in what is known as ‘the occult.’ The ‘occult’ is another term for ‘spirituality.’

True Satanism is transforming one’s soul through power meditation. For many who are totally new to Satanism, one can be unfamiliar with the effects of meditation. When one reaches a point in meditation [for some, this can happen very early on. All has to do with the powers of the soul from past lives], one will definitely feel one’s soul. This is a very positive sign that your meditations are being done correctly and that all is going well. Never be frightened or alarmed by feeling the energy of your soul. The soul is composed of bioelectricity and the light spectrum. Feeling a radiant aura, vibrations, in some cases heat or cold or other sensations such as feeling tingly…all of this is normal.

Power meditation will also open your psyche. You may experience ‘gut feelings’ through enhanced intuition, in other cases, your mind will be open and more receptive to astral entities. These can be positive as well as negative. In cases where there is negative intrusion, just turn it off like a radio in your mind and ignore it. Never tie into anything negative or unwelcome. These will go away if they are ignored and not fed by any attentions or emotions.

Satanism is about achieving spiritual freedom. Christianity, Islam and other mainstream programs that masquerade under the label ‘religion’ are designed to remove all spiritual knowledge. There is nothing spiritual about them. When one comes to Satanism, which is very spiritual, one can expect many new experiences of a spiritual nature, but again, this is individual. Never be frightened by feeling the energy of your soul for the first time. A strong mind and soul assure that you, yourself have power and also the knowledge to repel unwanted entities [which exist regardless of whether one is open enough to detect them]. The strength of your soul also assures that you will be in control of your own life and destiny and with the knowledge from our Gods, can achieve immortality. Weaker souls are at the mercy of the stronger ones and are reincarnated, forgetting everything learned from the former life and in being damned to repeat the same mistakes for eternity. Satan shows us the way out of all of this. But, we must work at it and through knowledge, never fear.


The Satanic Meditations:

The goddess of birth and fertility

Written by Fred Hamori, based on the work of of Dr.Bobula Ida

In Hungarian mythology the goddess Boldog Asszony is the goddess associated with birth, fertility and harvests.
She has been incorporated into Hungarian Catholicism (directed by the jews in order to bastardize our ancient pagan religion), there are 7 goddesses known to be called by a generic title Boldog Asszony. One of these is called Nagy Boldogaszony, who is also the mother of the rest of them. They are associated with the following;

*the giver and protector of life and the family.
*healing and herbes
*bountifull harvest, fruitgrafting and harvest time
*fertility of man, animal and plants
*selection of brides and mates for man.

There are several holidays associated with her which also strongly link her with agriculture, such as; “gyümölcsolto”= fruit grafting on May 25th, sarlos = sicle March 25th. Her other titles are  linked with families is now unused called Szülö =birthing, which is at December 26th and is only for families. As the religious head of the country “Magyarország Nagyasszonya”= the great queen of Hungary was celebrated on October 17th, while Small/Young Boldogasszony day was September 8th. A few holydays are of Christian origin probably like “candle sanctifying” or ” Mount Karmel” Boldogasszony days.
It should be assumed that Christianity probably change the general message and form of her traditional worship from the old traditional one. (Of course, the jews always corrupt everything.)

Her day in the week was Tuesday, it was also associated with taboos against washing (clothes) and dirtying water. Even during the time of St Steven in the 11th century St Gellért who converted (forced) Hungarians to western Christianity wrote that Bodog asszony was already being associated by the church with Mary the mother of Christ, and was also called the queen of Hungary, and the world. I believe that this association of Boldog Asszony, was not done at first in central Europe but was already practiced in eastern Christianity before the resetlement to Hungary. This based on the mentioning of “Budux” by the Syrian Christian documents. (This shows well again, the jews took the original pagan gods and goddesses and holidays and corrupted them from the begining.)

In looking for a similar goddess in the past researchers have progressed through several Near Eastern fertility goddesses like Astarte, then the Sumerian Inana, but ultimately went even further to find the old Sumerian goddess BA-Ú as the ideal equivalent of BO-DOG ASSZONY in both name and in function. She also seems to have links with the early preliterate MAA cults of early Anatolia, which was the source of the agricultural revolution which spread into both Europe and Central Asia, resulting in the various clay figurines of ancient fertility goddesses found in both Central Europe and Anatolia.

At this point a few definitions of the name’s composition is important.

Hungarian BAUDOG/BODOG > BOLDOG = happy, joyous, pregnant.
Hungarian BŐS, BŐ = bountifull, spacious, wide, swollen > pregnant.
Turkic BAYEK/BOL =bountifull, spacious, wide
Dravidian BAYEK, BEYEK=much
Sumerian BA =to give, provide, rations, divide

Hungarian ASSZONY = queen in old Hungarian, married woman today.
Elamite ASAN = goddess.
Sumerian GASAN = queen. ( ge+asan>gasan, ge=female)
Hun & Turk KATUN= queen.
Balkar GOSEN = lady

Hungarian BÁBA = midwife. In the Chango dialect it can also means god.
Hungarian Déli BÁB = the mirage of the noon sun.
Sumerian BABBA/BABA =a title of BAU as the giver of life.

The Sumerian BAÚ saw her prominence around 2,500 BC and earlier. She was once the third in rank among the
ancient Sumerian gods. She is also called GULA by Sumerians and is mentioned to be the goddess of bounty, a healer, provider of harvest and food, giver of birth and fertility etc. She was also BABA the life giver (midwife) who helps bring life into the world, GAL-AMA =the great mother, or NIN-AN-NA the queen/lady of heaven.
Sumerian ANg=heaven,high is related to FinnUgor *SANkE, with the loss of the leading S which also occured in Hungarian as well as in several FinnUgor languages as AN, YAN, IN, however since Hungarian normally converts the Ng/Nk sound to G, it became ÉG instead of EN or AN. The Nk/Ng is a vellar-nazal sound which often changes
to ny, gy, n, g etc.

In various FinnUgor languages she is called by different names like:

Ostjak Kaltes Ankw = birth giving goddess, goddess of fate, goddess of dawn, wife of the sky god.
Votjak Kildisin = birth giving goddess, great mother, creator.
Hungarian Kelt = to cause to bring into being, to incubate an egg, to arise
Sumerian Gúla [k>g] =birth goddess.

Her ancient symbol is a measuring cup written as BA-N, the term BA however means to give. The terminal Ú in her name however means grass, forrage, grazing land, all of which implies food-bounty to early man.

BA=to give, provide, apportion, divide, rations. The sumerian symbol for BAR is an X just as in Hungarian runic writing the B is written as an X which once represented the body of a nobleman/woman since BAR means ruler/king.

DAG’-al=wide broad, copious, breath. (see Hungarian DAG-AD =to swell in size)
DÙG, DU 10= sweet, good, beautifull, gladness, knee, joint, member. (Hungarian BODOG=gladdness)
DUG, DU = to speak, order, command, engage in sexual intercourse.

GASAN = queen in Sumerian
ASAN = goddes in Elamite.
ASSZONY = queen in old Hungarian
ASENA = the goddess/totem of the Turks and Huns. (royal wolf bitch)
The often stated Osetic-Iranian origin of the word ASSZONY is unlikely, and the direction of word loaning is in reverse order from what historical reference show us. The much earlier Mesopotamian link is normally ignored.

There are also signs that in an earlier age when matriarchial systems were more common she may have been the chief goddess. Just as early Anatolian immages show a female mothergoddess as the chief god. This of course is űnő the case in Hungarian times. The early Anatolian mother goddess is also shown with similar animals as BAU like a wolf or dog and various birds and a horned goat?

The Sumerian BAÚ is generally mated with the Sumerian nin-Urta (NIMRUD) and this connection is maintained long after the Sumerians by the Assyrians. They and others like the Babilonians and Iranians also give her new names such as ANUTA, which is recalled in Hungarian mythology as ENETH as the traditional name of Nimrod’s wife. The ENÉH, ÜNÖ word in Hungarian seems to be related to cow or female deer and is also in Turkic ENEH. According to tradition from Nimrud and ANUTA are born the great hunting twins in Assyrian and Hungarian mythology who are lead by the female deer to the land of their brides. In Hungarian mythology they the twins are called Hunor and Magor and are supposed to be the ancestors of the nations of the Huns and Magyars. “Magur” in FinnUgor means “seed, semen, self, body”. The seed of man and nation.

To the Sumerians BA-Ú was the goddess of plenty, the great giver (life, fertility, food, harvest, etc). After the raging of the storm god NinUrta, she smiles down upon them as the rainbow or as in Hungary in the mirage of the sun called the “déli BÁB” on the the moist lowlands of Hortobágy. She feeds them, brings new life and is the protector of birth, the mother, the baby and life in general. In all the folds of her skirt are hidden unborn children . Various Sumerian hymns praise her as the giant Gúla, who heals, she is the queen of heaven, and is the “light of the world”. She is also called the quickener of the dead, which may refer to the idea that she may quicken the rebirth of the spirit of the dead and shorten their stay in the underworld. In the southern Hungarian city of Szeged it was recorded that the women celebrated her in a closed ceremony, where only mothers were allowed. The eldest most respected mother offers to Boldog Asszony a plate of pastries and wine to thank the successfull birth of the new mother. Not performing this ritual means that the girl or boy will not find a suitable mate in their adult life. Similarly in Sumerian cylinder seals show a row of women lined up to offer cake and drink to the goddess BAÚ sitting on an elevated throne.

In an old Hungarian folk dance, Boldog Asszony is recreated in the following manner; The human mother while standing in the center of a ring made up of her daughters, who are dancing around her, is talking to Boldog Asszony who is walking outside of the ring. The mother says. “Boldogasszony, why do you circle and turn in the vicinity of my house! Do not deny, do not deny it.” Boldogasszony talks to her but in the symbolic dance takes away her doughters one by one for her own beutific service.

So what was this all about but the function of boldogasszony to mate and join together men and women, and take away the young maids from their mother for their future tasks as wives and mothers. Similarly in a Sumerian poem, the following hymn recounts a similar function. This also recalls the old Hungarian admonishment to those who do not thank Boldogasszony for their newborn children, to suffer not receiveing an adequate bride or husband when they become adults. The Sumerian poem says;

“the lord of my palace is perfect.
It’s hand, which protects the country is perfect.
The rain which I give to the gratefull trees is perfect.
The wife, which I give to her husband is perfect.”

Her main cult center was in the Sumerian city of Lagash. The Lagash written material today is kept in the French Louvre museum. The patron god of Lagash was nin-Urta who is associated by Langdon to be Nimrod. Every year there were holidays in Lagash celebrating the local hero-god, Nin-Urta and the great queen of heaven Baú, who descended to take part in her celebration. During this time the local god-hero nin-Urta represents the requests of the king and the people to the great queen of heaven.

A possible explanation of the association of Nimrud with the “ancestor of various nations” in Hungarian mythology where he is claimed to be the ancestor of the Scythians, Iranians, Huns and Magyars is to be found in his name and its various interpretations. Sumerian at times changes the letter M to an N which may have caused the name NIN-URTA rather than NIM-URTA > NIMRUTA > NIMRUD>NIMROD variations, which was known in other places like Babilon and Assyria.

Uralic NIME = name, ( Indo European also has NAMA =name, )
Ugrian NUM = to be high. NUMI-TAREM = god of the highest heaven, creator.
Hungarian NEM-es = pure, noble, nobility + TEREMTÖ=creator.

Hungarian NEM- =type, form, gender .. [-m>v] NÉV =name
Hungarian NEM-Z =to procreate … NEMZ-ET=nation (of common/related blood)
Sumerian NAM =type, form, prefix of generic terms,
Sumerian NIM =to multiply, to be high, above, prince (noble/pure)
Chaldee NAM-RI =nation (of common blood)
Mede NIM-AN =nation (of common blood)

The association of Nimrod with Northern Messopotamia is also reflected by a mountain called Nimrud Dag and the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud. Subartu or the Subarians, are better known as Supri in Assyrian, and are called by them the aboriginals of northern Messopotamia. This term Sapir is also known in Ob-Ugrian as a very advanced and admired people of antiquity who apparently also helped and visited them and thought them much. Which also explains why their language today has many common links with Hungarian, even though they are racially unlike Hungarians. Many other Messopotamian languages used the term SUBAR in a geographical sense rather than an ethnic sense, to refer to Northern Messopotamia by it. The Egyptians hower at times used the term Magar for this region. (See An Hieroglyphic dictionary, by Wallace Budge, geographical section).

In Hungary, Bodog asszony is also the goddess of the harvest, who is celebrated as the goddess of the sicle. In early times women harvested with the sicle, NOT the men. There are also many healing herbs which include her name in them. Hungarian FÜ is Sumerian Ú means grass/herb. In Ugrian it is POM however Dravidian as PUL =grass, herbe is also very similar sounding. According to Hungarian mythology she has 7 daughters and similarly in Assyrian mythology there are 7 daughters born to Nimrud and BAU, who are the seven days of the week and are all helping, healing, bountiful, fertilizing goddesses. In Hungarian her youngest daughter is called Beautiful and is mischievious and sometimes trouble making, resembling the beautifull goddess Inana of the Sumerians, who was at times a war goddess and troublemaker also.
Yet the Sumerian Inana was the daughter of the moon god NANA, not the god of storm ninUrta. Inana perhaps is best compared to the Hungarian queen of the spirits/nymphs the enchantingly beautiful Tündér Ilona. The Sumerian Dingir/Dimir Inana =”goddess Inana” also was known for her many charms, which she used to her  advantage. She is often shown with wings and partially or wholy naked at times.

Among the most prominent animal symbols found associated with BAÚ are the dog/wolf, and various birds like PA (swallow?), also the great eagle of Lagash known as the im-DUG-UD (?tog-rul). I cannot help feeling that BAU was the old mother goddess of the Sumerians, who like the old sky god AN became pushed into the background over time and replaced by younger/newer goddesses like Inana. As such her memory was remembered not just by the Sumerians but by the people distantly related to them in their previous homelands in the north, near the Caucasus Mountains and Black Sea. This homeland is being researched by the National Geographic explorers in the flooded basin of the Black Sea using submersibles, based on the clues supplied by the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh. The Black Sea Basin flooded after 7,000BC from elevated waters of the Meditteranean Sea, causing the Sumerian story of the great flood as well as the migration of the once neighboring nations to new lands.

Could she be related to the Hungarian BODOG ASSZONY or the Turkic ASENA, who is also associated with canines, in the form of a mythical wolf, the female totem animal of the Turks and Huns? Also could the great Im-DUG-UD eagle be the royal falcon of the Turks, Huns, Avars and Magyars as the TOGRUL or TUR-UL,  who in Hungarian mythology resides on the tree of life brooding over the spirits of unborn children in the form of birds? Also her small bird PA could just as well be the FinnUgor PÄC’-KE =the swallow, (Hungarian fecs-ke) whose name is related to nest/womb in the Sumerian PEš, FinnUgor PESÄ.
A bird generally associated with the mother goddess in Hungary even today along with the stork called
GOLYA (GAL-HU=big bird or GULA-HU =bird of GULA/BAU in Sumerian).

Sumerian peš = womb, small, to expand, precious
Sumerian peš 7 = child, son
Sumerian péš, piš = pregnant, to conceive
Sumerian pisuse = glad heart [ Hungarian mos-oly, pis-oly =a smile], also in Hurrian and Ugrian.
Sumerian púš = tightness, pain, difficult circumstances (?swelling & pain of pregnancy)

FinnUogr pesä = nest, womb
Hungarian fész-ek = nest, womb
Hungarian poc-ak = swolen stomack< pregnant [Dravidian poccai=pot belly]
Hungarian fesz- = to be stretched out, swolen. [ Ugrian *pec^e, Dravidian *pad ]
Hungarian feszült-ség = stress, difficulties, being stretched/stressed out
Hungarian pici = tiny, babe [Dravidian poti, picca = small, little]
Hungarian fiú = son < FinoUgor: *poika

This is an abbreviated version of Dr Bobula’s article, with key points listed only.
Much of it could be expanded and linguistically and mythologically further analyzed.
I have added extra words and their definitions but most of thehistorical contents were from her work.

Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler!

By HP Hooded Cobra

Today, again, people died because of their so called “interests”, humanity still suffers under their grip which is loosened by the day, the blood of many people who died due to their “teachings” and “religions” is still in the ground below, countless civilizations and countless people have been and are right now murdered by the jewish programms that they call “religions”. Until the 20th century, most of people were clueless. Clueless as to why the world is as it is, clueless as to who has responsibility and in the end, clueless as to who could possibly save Humanity and act as a beacon of light inside this deathly darkness.

Someone did. Someone raised His head. Someone said that this is deplorable and a blasphemy to the Human spirit and that yes, Humanity could exist in a better way. Someone decided to take a stand in the face of the seemingly all-powerful enemy. Someone fought his way through the ever-looming darkness and destruction. Someone spent his whole life fighting and in the end, dismantling this silent and lurking threat of the enemy, that virutally has its tentacles inside every person, every Soul, every home and every Nation. Someone warned us of the future and his image still stands for those who are Truly Brave. He stands as the Savior of those who choose the Old Gods, those who want real Justice, those who want to preserve their Race, their Heritage, their Gods, their Homeland and above all, their Freedom, Religious and in Thoughts and Actions, from these hyenas and hydras that simply see humanity as lifestock to be sold, killed and profited upon, genocided and racially destroyed, the true leaders of lies. Here stands this Man who went against time.

His Name was Adolf Hitler. He has been just another Soldier of the Light, the one who fought the enemy with all his being, only to sacrifice even himself in the end. His Name, His Legacy, His Paradigm, all still stand for those who want a higher light. The greatest fear of his enemies, the greatest love of his followers, the most despised and defamed, yet the most righteous man to have crossed late history. The Man who went against the winds, the tides, the legacies and above all, the jewish will to dominate, enslave and own everything and anyone, simply due to their self-imposed and fake “entitlement”. The ordinary child, the foot soldier, who went from an Unknown Soldier, to the image for all the Unknown Soldiers.

Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler, May the Truth be on your side, for your memory and prescence is surely Eternal!


HP Mageson:

“On a country road in the Palatinate two men from the Labour Service
are marching towards the next town. The Labour Service camp lies a long way
off in the country, and it is a long way to the railway station. But the two men
are in high spirits and are whistling, because they are going home on holidays
after months of healthy and strenuous work. They whistle: In the Homeland, in
the Homeland ….. Just then a line of cars sweeps past the two men. They’re
lucky, one of them says. They’ll be there sooner than we will, the other says.
They’re waving! both call out together. And then, in fact, the line of cars comes
to a halt and waits until the two men, who have begun to run, have caught up.
Where from? Where to? Climb in! The two men open their eyes wide in
amazement, because the man stopping in the middle of the country road and
inviting them to climb in is none other than The Leader. Adolf Hitler. He makes them
describe for him their lives, and asks to know in great detail what it is like in
their labour camp. In no time they arrive at the little town. The cars stop. As
they leave The Leader asks one of the two men: It is about to rain. Don’t you
have a coat with you?

I have no civilian coat, my Leader. I was unemployed for a long time.
On hearing this, The Leader takes off his grey travelling coat and hangs it on
the shoulders of his fellow countryman.”

Adolf Hitler
The Life Of The Leader: … Leader.pdf

Authentic love and respect is what is responsible for care and that altruism is what holds up our societies and our planet together. Today we have been indoctrinated into a psychology of the Jew. Hate for all organic diversity on every level. Men are taught to hate women and women, men. And each themselves for being men and women. Races are taught to hate each other and themselves for the race they are part of. Cultures which bore the unique expressions of whole peoples are ripped apart and destroyed. Individuals are taught to hate themselves for their individuality and other for their individuality. Classes of people the other class. Even hating ourselves and each other for our dietary nature. We are taught to hate and fear spirituality, wisdom and true knowledge. And the whole of humanity is taught to hate itself for being humans. The whole of mankind is sinking in pathological desire for self destruction.

A step beyond even this and the core of this is the most subversive doctrine which was first injected with Buddhism teachings in the East which the Jews where connected in with and spread into he West and they still are pushing obsessively. And more currently injected in Western societies by Jewish intellectuals and their psychological doctrines. Is that there is no self. The denial of the self is the denial of the Atman the individual soul nature. The removal of the soul removes the core of spiritual knowledge and reduces us to a mass of robotic hybrids. Its the ultimate demoralization of human beings and what it means to be human.

The Jewish doctrine of hatred is designed to break down all healthy organic bonds and dissolve everyone from the smallest individual to the whole races and cultures into a materialistic, one world slave society that functions on a hive mind. This is the essence of Communism, Christianity and Islam.

The worst things are ignorance and apathy that are the two great destroyers. People have become so demoralized and depressed by the psychology and propaganda of the Jewish, globalist society many have shut down and become apathetic to life for varying reasons but the same result. They become willfully ignorant as you can’t wake up a man pretending to be asleep. And many who do care out of ignorance are lead astray into supporting the social-political systems that are the problem not the solution so things become worse. They are the meaning of the path to suffering is lined with good intentions. Greed arises out of apathy. And is also a fear based pathology. Which is normal in a scarcity based society. And one that teaches values of self identification with accumulation of material possession in a social Darwin atmosphere. Our social values have become based on psychopathology. Because our society has been Judazied.

The world suffers because the Jewish World System has murdered the truth. They have created a world of self murdered people on the soul level. Walking around in animated empty bodies. Not allowed to embrace everything the universe had designed to give them happiness and joy in life. Too apathetic towards their own existence to care about any others. People are taught to identify with everything destructive to them and develop a persona around this. The deeper inner trauma this causes them, gives rise in turn to many pathological aliments. As the psyche is sick with the burden and unconscious pain of living in an inhuman, spirituality empty society.

You can see this in the art and music that is popular in society its an expression of rage, sadness and despair, nothing but psychological and emotion suffering. The rest is empty, superficial happy sounding, bland trash.

Its only by reconnecting with ourselves by opening and transforming our souls that we can realize the Eternal Truth and open up the respect and care for the things that make us great. Our differences, its a known fact having a positive identity for what makes a person and group unique is the key to psychophysically, the spiritual wellbeing of all peoples. Its the different colors in a painting that make it beautiful, its the diversity of instruments in an orchestra that makes the harmony of sound. Its the difference in nature that make our friends our friends. The celebration of our differences is the celebration of life.

What we love and respect in ourselves is what we will in others. The core values of spirituality and altruism and the authentic compassion based in truth that arise from this. Is what will end the nightmare and bring about the ending of suffering on this planet.

I believe humanity is ultimately good at the core of its heart but stuck in a bad system and samaric level of existence the system is built upon. And this is why the enemy has to work around the clock for thousands of years and still not have what they wanted to achieve. Its our goodness they hate and fear because goodness flows outward from within the soul. And the Gentile soul and its spirit is the one thing they can’t crush. Our strength is in our diversity and the love for the eternal order of life we are all part of and this diversity is manifested of. This is why they always attack this.

The great struggle of which the utmost spiritual strength is needed is to defeat the ugliness of the Jew within our own souls. To purify our minds and hearts of the toxic effects of living in this dark age….The Age Of The Jew. We bring forth the Golden age from within our own souls.

National Socialism is the only system that can bring about a spiritual world revolution that can open the gates to paradise on this planet for all peoples and sentient life upon it. The overwhelming amount of joy and happiness in Germany was the natural result of being apart of a order based on truth and goodness. The Jews hate Hitler to this day because he wanted to create a better world for humanity. Based on spiritual advancement, authentic compassion for life and altruism.

National Socialism brings forth in man and the world. What the Jew has tried so hard to murder….The supreme order of truth. Which is the supreme order of life. For within truth one has the power to give life.

HPs Zildar Raasi666:

There are many beautiful things that Hitler brought to our world. Many of them have been mentioned, and I want to remind everyone of another. That is, the reverence and respect Hitler brought forwards for our Natural World and our Animal friends which inhabit it. Animals are sacred in Satanism, and love and respect for Animals and Nature comes with a Spiritually Advanced, Satanic Soul. It was the Nazi Party, under the guidance of Hitler, that strove to ensure that this Satanic love and appreciation for Animals and Nature was firmly reinstated into the Hearts and Minds of our Gentile People. It was Hitler and the Nazis who instated the first laws regarding the protection, care and preservation of Nature and Animals.

Here is a sermon I wrote quite some time a go regarding this:

A respect and love for animals comes with a more Spiritually advanced Soul.
Animal care is held in the highest regard in True Satanism with many animals
being sacred and protected.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, who we know to have been Satanists, reflected this
love, care, and respect for animals and took many measures to ensure the safety
of those that were both domesticated and wild. Laws were enforced for the
protection of every animal all the way from lions and wolves down to fish and
frogs and anyone who was found guilty of animal abuse was punished

The kikes were known to be the main culprits of animal abuse and exploitation
which included their disgusting and abominable kosher slaughter method and the
use of animals in inhumane laboratory experiments.

So much so, that the Nazi Animal Protection Laws were labeled as “direct attacks
against Jews.”

Apparently, banning the torture and inhumane slaughter of innocent cattle or the
use of other innocent animals in horrific laboratory experiments is “antiSemitism.”
This reveals even further the true, filthy nature of kikes.

“One of the first steps in Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitic drive in the creation of his
Third Reich was instituting a ban on the kosher slaughter of animals.”- statement
of a jew.

***For those who are unaware what “kosher” involves, it is an extremely inhumane and painful way of slaughtering livestock. The animal is hung upside down whilst having its throat slit. Being hung upside down allows the animal to stay alive for far longer as the blood continues to rush rapidly to the brain. Thus, pain and suffering is greatly amplified and prolonged. It could only be a jewish mind that is so sadistic as to invent this horrendous practice.***

It was also known that these animals were treated horrendously even before they
reached the slaughterhouse, being repeatedly kicked, shocked and prodded and
other horrible things to force them to cooperate with the kike herders.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis made every effort to bring this disgusting treatment of
animals at the hands of kikes to an end and to give animals the respect and care
which they deserve and which is their birth right as sacred, special SATANIC

Some of the Efforts by the Third Reich to protect animals:

– Ban on kosher and vivisection.

– Animals officially declared as beings in their own right and not simply the property of humans.

– Ban on commercial animal trapping.

– Strict regulations on the hunting of animals. Efforts made by SS
Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler to ban the hunting of animals altogether.

– Ban on use of animals in theater or public events that caused any kind of
pain or damage to the animal, either physical or mental.

– Ban on the extremely cruel forceful feeding of fowls for culinary purposes
(e.g. foie gras) and other inhumane use of animals in food.

– The wolf officially labeled a protected species along with many other

– Nature declared protected by law, many areas were labeled protected
areas and the commercial use thereof banned.

– Neglect and abuse of animals in ones care named a criminal offence.

– Educational programs concerning the care and protection of animals
instituted in German schools and universities.

There were many more, and many of the high profile Nazis were actively
involved in animal and nature protection and conservation.

Hermann Göring felt very strongly about the protection of wild animals and made
many efforts during the war to protect animals who were suffering as a result of
enemy bombing. He even offered to have all the animals of a public zoo safely
escorted to his own private zoo.

It comes naturally to a Spiritually Advanced
Satanic Soul to respect and care for animals
and nature. Many of our pets come to us as
gifts from our Father Satan and the Gods,
and many of our beautiful experiences in
nature are gifts just the same. These are
things, which we must work to protect and
preserve. Remember, this is Satan’s Earth!

This practice of butchering animals in scientific experiments was first banned in Germany.

“There was widespread support for animal welfare in Nazi Germany and the
Nazis took several measures to ensure protection of animals. Many Nazi leaders,
including Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring, were supporters of animal protection.
Several Nazis were environmentalists, and species protection and animal welfare
were significant issues in the Nazi regime. Heinrich Himmler made an effort to
ban the hunting of animals. Göring was an animal lover and conservationist. The
current animal welfare laws in Germany are modified versions of the laws
introduced by the Nazis.

At the end of the nineteenth century, kosher butchering and vivisection were the
main concerns regarding animal protection in Germany. These concerns
continued among the Nazis. According to Boria Sax, the Nazi view on animal
protection rejected the anthropocentric perspective—animals were not to be
protected for human interests—but for themselves. In 1927, a Nazi
representative to the Reichstag called for actions against cruelty to animals and
kosher butchering.

In 1932, the Nazi party proposed a ban on vivisection. In early 1933,
representatives of the Nazi party to the Prussian parliament held a meeting to
enact this ban. On April 21, 1933, almost immediately after the Nazis came to

power, the parliament began to pass laws for the regulation of animal slaughter.
On April 21, a law was passed concerning the slaughter of animals. On April 24,
Order of the Prussian Ministry of the Interior was enacted regarding the slaughter
of poikilotherms. Nazi Germany was the first nation to ban vivisection. A law
imposing total ban on vivisection was enacted on August 16, 1933, by Hermann
Göring as the prime minister of Prussia. He announced an end to the
“unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments”. On August 28, 1933,
Göring announced in a radio broadcast.

Göring also banned commercial animal trapping, imposed severe restrictions on
hunting, and regulated the shoeing of horses. He imposed regulations even on
the boiling of lobsters and crabs.

In 24 November 1933, Nazi Germany enacted another law called
Reichstierschutzgesetz (Reich Animal Protection Act), for protection of animals.

This law listed many prohibitions against the use of animals, including their use
for filmmaking and other public events causing pain or damage to health, feeding
fowls forcefully and tearing out the thighs of living frogs. The two principals
(Ministerialräte) of the German Ministry of the Interior, Clemens Giese and
Waldemar Kahler, who were responsible for drafting the legislative text, wrote in
their juridical comment from 1939, that by the law the animal was to be
“protected for itself” (“um seiner selbst willen geschützt”), and made “an object of
protection going far beyond the hitherto existing law” (“Objekt eines weit über die
bisherigen Bestimmungen hinausgehenden Schutzes”).

On February 23, 1934, a decree was enacted by the Prussian Ministry of
Commerce and Employment which introduced education on animal protection
laws at primary, secondary and college levels. On 3 July 1934, a law Das
Reichsjagdgesetz (The Reich Hunting Law) was enacted which limited hunting.
On 1 July 1935, another law Reichsnaturschutzgesetz (Reich Nature
Conservation Act) was passed to protect nature. According to an article
published in Kaltio, one of the main Finnish cultural magazines, Nazi Germany
was the first in the world to place the wolf under protection.

In 1934, Nazi Germany hosted an international conference on animal protection
in Berlin. On March 27, 1936, an order on the slaughter of living fish and other
poikilotherms was enacted. On March 18 the same year, an order was passed on
afforestation and on protection of animals in the wild. On September 9, 1937, a
decree was published by the Ministry of the Interior which specified guidelines for
the transportation of animals. In 1938, animal protection was accepted as a
subject to be taught in public schools and universities in Germany.” – excerpt
from Wikipedia.

Hitler was not only a Hero to our People, but to our World as a whole! This is a Truly Satanic Soul! May we all fight in Honor of the legacy which he left to us!! Fight for Satan’s Truth!!